Based in Perth, Western Australia, Jilalga Designs is owned and operated by Aboriginal artist and graphic designer Jilalga Murray. The award winning artist is known for her bold 
and bright creations which are created on a diverse range of materials.

Jilalga takes prides in offering a personal service where respect, understanding and integrity are highly valued. Her knowledge and understanding of indigenous protocols, and cultural and intellectual property issues, allow her to successfully work with corporates, government departments, non-government departments and schools.

Registered on the Aboriginal Business Directory WA it's now easier for WA state government departments to procure goods & services outside of standard PSA's, thanks to the Aboriginal Procurement Policy. Named as a finalist in this year's Belmont & Western Australia Small Business Awards, Jilalga Design's looks forward to more creative business partnerships in the future. 

As an urban Nyangumarta & Yorta Yorta woman with a positive, bright and uplifting outlook, poignant stories are told through bold original imagery and eye catching techniques. 

She is passionate for sharing modern stories and building relationships. Each artwork or creative experience is unique and has the potential to move people.  

Jilalga's mother's family originate from the Pilbara, and are Nyangumarta people. Her father's family from the Riverina region in NSW and Victoria (Yorta Yorta/Wamba Wamba). Both connections give her the gift of creating striking and diverse paintings, where vibrant colours merge with her deep respect for Country and give her individual expression as an urban Aboriginal woman living a modern Australian life. 

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