There are several ways you can acquire an original painting by award 
winning Contemporary Aboriginal artist, Jilalga Murray. 


1. Order your very own personalised artwork via her private commission process.

2. Select from the painting collection via the on-line store (available soon). 

3. Embark on a collaboration process with your co-workers or family and make a special piece together.

Prefering to work with acrylic paints on canvas, Jilalga doesn't limit herself to one style, or one medium. Jilalga makes the most of the creative freedom which painting offers her. In most instances it is a very personal experience but there are often extra special times where share the experience through a collaborative process. There are no limits on creative capabilities, but Jilalga is sensitive to respecting and protecting traditional markings and stories.

Each creative journey is different, no painting is the same. Her pieces come with individual stories, full of colours, a mix of techniques, and mediums to match. Jilalga's artwork can be found in hanging in the corporate offices of HEADSPACE Midland, Fortescue Metals Group Perth, SHQ Perth, YIC South Hedland, and the City of Belmont.

For enquiries regarding painting commissions or sales, please make contact here. 

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