Since the beginning of time, our ancestors walked, sung, danced, on this land. They are my inspiration.With a deep connection to Country, their commitment to prepare and perform our lore and culture ensured thatwe’d live and thrive in harmony for many thousands of years. I feel their presence all around, and I pay my respects.

Our elders, highly intelligent, hard working, peaceful and caring, deserve to be honoured. This is my dedication to them. We are their decendents, we will not forget who we are, and where we come from. We’ve had to adjust and adapt due to changes forced upon us all, but our spirit is strong, and our connection to our land, our animals and our water is not lost. Everybody, stand tall - feel proud! 

To all Australian’s and visitors to our special land, join with us during NAIDOC Week and beyond. By acknowledging our true history, and sharing in our story, together we can all celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020, “Always was, always will be”.

Womens 2020 NAIDOC Week Polo

Mens Style (Straight cut)
Women's Style (Tapered waist)
Kids Style
Womens + (Tapered waist)
Mens + (Straight cut)
'S' Mens

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